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Gianfranco Continenza Thumb

Gianfranco Continenza

"The Tremolo Guitar Bridge and the Grip-Lock Closed Guitar Tuner from Hipshot made the difference on my APS Guitar "GCS" Signature. The tuning is perfect, even after an overuse of their fantastic whammy bar. I'm very proud to have such a great products on my guitar. I love Hipshot Products!!"
Dan Kimbro Thumb

Dan Kimbro

"The Free Range Extender is a game changer for me. I detune my low E string on my upright bass a lot, especially with the Jerry Douglas band. Before I installed the Extender on my bass we had to adjust our set lists so that I had time to tune depending on the key of the next song. Not any more! One flick of the switch, a quick glance at my pedal tuner just to double check, and we're off to the races. I've also noticed that the other strings don't go sharp like they do when I crank my E string down manually. I can even drop the E down in the middle of the song, and move it back if I like. Truly this is a practical and efficient solution to a problem I've endured for years. A brilliantly simple feat of engineering that translates into an enhanced musical experience for me, my bandmates, and hopefully the audience as well. Thanks Hipshot!!"
Rich Davenport Thumb

Rich Davenport

"I've been using Hipshot String Xtenders on my two main stage guitars for almost 10 years now, and I can confidently say that they've never let me down, despite being put through their paces in countless gigs during that period. When you're at the sharp end of the music business, playing on multiple-band bills, where you don't have the luxury of a long sound check, is par for the course. The bands I've played in usually have to get on stage quickly, with a minimum of fuss, which just about leaves time to check my guitar's in tune, and then go for it. I have to change between standard and drop-D tuning several times for different songs in the set, and my Hipshot String Xtenders have never let me down with tuning problems. The low E string has stayed in tune, even playing in pubs and clubs where the room temperature is very high. They've also proven to be a very useful songwriting tool, because they give me the option to try a riff or chord progression in both standard and drop tuning to see which works best, literally with the flick of a switch. They're also great for transposing riffs and solos from standard tuning to drop tuning, and vice versa,  because you can work out the parts in standard tuning, check the frets you need to play, and work back and forth between the two tunings very easily. I recommend them without any reservations." - Rich Davenport, Guitar / Vocals, The Blackmail Snaps
Brett Thomas Schmitt - "Handsome as Sin" Thumb

Brett Thomas Schmitt - "Handsome as Sin"

"l absolutely love the Hipshot BT7 I have on my Fender Jazz Bass.  I have to switch from standard to Drop D several times in our set list and with the Hipshot I can do that with a flip of a switch.  No more grouping Drop D songs together to avoid long tuning pauses.  Everyone should have one of these." HANDSOMEasSIN
Jaime David Vazquez (JDV) Thumb

Jaime David Vazquez (JDV)

"I have been a fan of Hipshot products for years.  I love my four string bass and thanks to my Bass Xtender, I don't need a five string.  D-tuners are a great tool for the working musician. Hipshot, as always, is making history!" - Jaime David Vazquez(JDV)
Scott Eames Thumb

Scott Eames

"Hipshot rises to the top in the quality category. Absolutely unparalleled."
Zelindo Di Giulio Thumb

Zelindo Di Giulio

“I love my StingRay4 but the Italian Pop-Rock, that I am called to play, several times requires me to go down to low-D. Now I’m very happy! with Hipshot Bass Xtender BT-1 I can play in tournèe with my dear 4-strings bass. Genial intuition of those who designed this tool!!! Thanks men !”
Ross Saunders Thumb

Ross Saunders

Ross Saunders of the Award winning Scottish band Manran: "I've had nothing but great results from your BT1 extender on my Musicman"  
Bruce LaFrance Thumb

Bruce LaFrance

"Modern music requires modern tools. That's why I don't go on stage without Hipshot Bass Extenders. It's the professional thing to do, be prepared for whatever song comes at you. And Hipshot products are not replacements, they're upgrades." Bruce LaFrance
Giacomo Pasquali Thumb

Giacomo Pasquali

“I can’t desire any hardware better than Hipshot. I’ve equipped my APS Studio Pro Relic GP with the US Contour Tremolo and the GripLock Closed Tuners. Now I always have a perfect and stable tuning and an incredible feel and “presence” (tone and sustain) thanks to the bridge. Hipshot is amazing!”