Luthiers Corner

Head Guitars

High quality handmade custom guitars and basses.

DP Custom Guitars

Dave Pushic's economical handmade electric basses, using select hardwoods and exotic woods.  Made to order custom configurations and shapes at your direction, for a true "custom" one-of-a-kind experience.

Martyn Booth Guitars

Handcrafted bespoke guitars built in England. We fit Hipshot tremolos as standard on our Signature model

RockBeach Guitars

Affordable custom built chambered body guitars and portable amplifiers. Every guitar that comes out of myshop is a signature guitar as virtually everything is an option to the buyer. Wood choices include Cuban Mahogany, African Padauk, Goncala Alves, Hawaiian Koa, Poplar... Extremely versatile and unique guitars are my calling cards!

Wasson Guitars

Fine guitars hand crafted by luthier Kevin Wasson.

"Fine Stringed Instruments, Handmade in Hawaii, from the creator of the "Nightswan" and the "Dean From Hell."



LeCompte Electric Bass

LeCompte Electric Bass is a small, independent, custom bass-only manufacturing outfit.  We are located just south of Houston, Texas, USA. We are constantly striving to offer something for everyone. Currently we have over 18 models available in four, five and six string versions.

AC Guitars

AC Guitars handcrafted basses and guitars made to order using the best available woods and components.

Tino Tedesco

We are a specialized custom shop located in Switzerland doing repairs, modifications and custom basses and guitars! If you're interested to know what we can do to your instrument, pay us a virtual visit at

Adamovic Guitars & Basses

The Adamovic Shop is located in The Netherlands, Europe. Each instrument is hand made, one by one, with the best woods and the best components.

Campbell American Guitars

Founded by Dean Campbell, Campbell American has married technology and old New England craftsmanship in the production of affordable, precision six-string guitars.

Scott French Musical Instruments

Handcrafted instruments built by luthier Scott French.

Simmons Guitars

We are a small company building high end basses with what we think is the best hardware, pickups and electronics, all made in the USA. The sky is the limit for us.

Lakland Basses

Builder of top quality basses for top quality musicians.

Knuckle Guitar Works

Creator and manufacturer of the Knuckle Quake Bass - and extended scale electric contrabass

Bee Basses

BEE BASSES are built on the design concepts of the builder's 23 year experience in bass playing. We believe that this "hands on" experience with the great basses of the past results in an exceptional instrument.

Curbow String Instruments

Builder of fine guitars and other stringed instruments. Authorized Hipshot repair shop.

Matt Pulcinella Guitars

Custom Guitars and Basses from Chadds Ford, Pa

Gadow Guitars

Taking back music one guitar at a time !!

Skjold Design Guitars

Skjold Design Guitars is committed to giving customers the best handmade, limited production instruments on the market.

VF Guitar Works

Born Through the collaboration of expert luthiers and researchers, VF Guitar Works offers worldwide its completely hand-made instruments using Hipshot hardware.


Carvin has been using Hipshot bass bridges for many years on all of their new basses.

Brubaker Guitars

Experience the quality of Brubaker Guitars !!

JP Basses

Home of the "Plume" basses.  JP is an extraordinary luthier with many creative ideas.

Sadowsky Guitars

Roger Sadowsky of Sadowsky Guitars is known for building some of the most exquisite handmade electric instruments available. Hipshot hardware of course.

Landing Basses

Very fine short scale basses using Hipshot hardware.

Morgan Henry

Guitar Repair, lessons ect. located in Alexandria, VA, 22312, in the Lincolnia area, near Landmark Mall. Feel Free to call 703-362-6066 for more information.

MTD Design

High quality basses designed by master luthier Mike Tobias.

Michael Dolan Custom Guitars

Custom Bass and Guitar Builder -Full Service Repairs -Authorized Hipshot Dealer

Melancon Guitars

Builders,all service store,use Hipshot Products


Fine instruments used by slide players and finger-pickers in many musical genres: Hawaiian, blues,country, bluegrass,folk, and world music.

Xylem Bass and Guitar

Fine custom guitars and basses, individually hand-crafted from start to finish by luthier Anthony Olinger. From body shape to neck profile, scale length to pickup configuration, almost any aspect of a Xylem instrument can be customized to the needs and desires of the the individual musician.

Willows Guitar

The solution of tone and playability, All hand made custom basses and guitars from Korea.

Ged Green Luthier

Highest quality builds and repairs. Located in Manchester UK.

Bow River Specialty Woods

We have been serving the instrument making community for over 25 years, helping manufacturers, custom builders, and hobbyists alike.

Delaney Guitars

Delaney Guitars combines vintage features with new technology to create a guitar with uncompromised tone, beauty, and playability. Truly “Playable Art”

Mike Delaney

Delaney Guitars

770 222-4760

Cusotm Bass Designs

2157 Camino De Patina

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


Widman Custom Electrics

Widman uses our Hardtail bridges exclusively on the Gigmaster models.

Music Accessories

Lava Cable

Affordable high-end guitar, microphone, speaker cable, and AC power cord using the best available cable, components and connectors on the market.  Lava Cable is the "working musicians" high-end cable.  Each cable and product comes with a lifetime warranty!

Riffmaster Pro

Great software that allows you to slow down a track without changing tone!

Helpful Links

Audio Zone

A guitar site for the working guitarist, Jackson and Charvel players in particular.

Hipshot Discussion Group

NEW!     Online Community - Discuss the use, installation and creative application of Hipshot Musical Products with other Hipshot Users!

City of the Angels Music

Stay up to date on the Jazz scene of southern California.


Bjorn Englen

Bjorn is an excellent bass player and a Hipshot Endorsed artist.

Kimberley Dahme

Kimberley has the privilege and distinction to be the first female Musician in the band BOSTON. 

"Being under the gun on stage, I appreciate the ease and consistent accuracy the Hipshot D-Tuner gives me.  I’m a true believer…"

Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan has been using the Hipshot Bass Extender since 1985. The Bass Extender allows Billy to instantly & precisely drop his E-string to any note from E-flat to low C. It's been an important weapon in Billy's arsenal and can be heard on all his releases.

Will Ray

Will Ray is the master of the B bender and a long time friend of Hipshot Products.

Randy Riley of Survivor

Of the 17 basses I currently own and play, 15 of them have Hipshot Bass Xtender keys fitted! The only two basses that aren't fitted have a "3D" headstock design that makes it impossible to install.......such a shame.

Whether it is fitted on my low E or B string, the Hipshot Bass Xtender tuning machines always operate smoothly without a hitch. I can count on it to get me a step or two down and back every time!